It seems like it was yesterday that I was a nurse and THAT was my calling. I look in the mirror now and find a whole different person staring back at me. It was only a few years ago that I would wake up at 3 pm to prepare to go work the night shift caring for the precious NICU babies. Now my days are filled with tours of our wedding venue, planning with brides, planning with other events, marketing, answering phone calls and emails all with my precious son by my side.

It is funny how you think you know what your life will be like, what you will be like. As you get down the road you stop, look back and laugh! I do this often! To understand my ever changing, always growing life you have to know my husband. Vlad is unlike anyone I have ever known; most people would call him a dreamer but they would be wrong. A dreamer only dreams but seldom makes things happen. My husband is a business man through and through. He gets an idea and makes it happen. He doesn’t get hung up on everything that could possibly go wrong or why it wouldn’t work, that’s my job! He looks at everything and says, “They did it so there is no reason why I can’t do that!”
This business started when we were looking for a venue ourselves. Nothing felt right to us; we couldn’t find our place! Then Vlad got his papers for deployment and it changed everything. Our September wedding was soon to become a May wedding. It consisted of a handful of family members at a beautiful outdoor area in sewanee, Tennessee close to his grandparents. With my bouquet that I handmade and an umbrella on standby I married my partner in crime. During the deployment, Vlad kept approaching me about this crazy barn idea. “Hey, let’s create the perfect place to get married, somewhere where we would have wanted to get married!” My response, for the first several weeks of this, was less than supportive. Finally I got on board and started looking for the perfect location.
We have been in business for almost a year now and doing way better than ever expected. Along with our son, it just keeps growing and growing! Contrary to some belief, we are not merely a building. I have had good experiences and bad ones with planning my own wedding so I am well aware that you must be more than just a service or just a building with tables and chairs. You know that pair of really comfortable leather shoes? What about that loyal first pet? Or remember your first iPhone back when iPhones lasted FOREVER!? That feeling that you get when you know that you are in good hands, that’s what we provide. The passion that we have for the work that we do cannot be fabricated and it shines through.
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