It is our privilege and pleasure to announce that we are now the proud owners of The Barn at Dogwood Farms!  It was the dream and realization of Vlad and Ana, who built the barn and business from the ground up, literally. They grew the business from a small, self-employed wedding venue with a handful of events a year into a five-member staff running events almost weekly.  In 2018, when Ana asked if I would consider stepping in to help manage this beautiful venue, I did not hesitate. I was up for the challenge knowing that one day I would love to own a venue of my own.  And now…the time has come for that dream to come to fruition.  My 13 years in the wedding and event planning business, coupled with a strong background in marketing, has well positioned me for this incredible opportunity to own and operate The Barn at Dogwood Farms.

Understanding that we never do anything alone, I would be remiss to not give so much credit to the AMAZING team that I have been blessed to work with for almost five years.  They have been behind me pushing me, supporting me, and loving me as we all worked with excellence to serve our clients with joy.  It is our honor to take over the reins of The Barn at Dogwood Farms with this same commitment to service excellence, giving clients all that they have come to expect from Dogwood Farms.

Jenna and Justin Belew