The wedding business is a busy one. In fact I think a common misconception is that we only work the weekends. 😂 Actually we work everyday of the week! Right along side us is our sweet little son Drake.

Drake was born when we were in the building stages of the wedding venue so this is all he has ever known. He loves going to the barn and “helps” with whatever you will teach him to do. We have found there are so many great teaching moments when working with your hands. 

Our little guy will be three this year and he knows the meaning of working together and the value of getting your hands dirty. Even though it is hard schedule a day off, because as a business owner everything is on you, we are blessed to be able to see each other everyday!

It’s a busy life for sure! We are blessed most definitely! Our son is learning skills that they don’t teach in school.

This kid loves to help push the chair cart with daddy, he helps mommy plant and water the flowers and in his spare time he just enjoys the fresh air and sunlight. 

The life of a wedding venue baby is full of outdoor play, rocks, flowers, dirt, frogs and it doesn’t hurt that there is always a balloon or two floating around.