“Ana! Come look at what Santa brought you!” I remember walking up to a life size doll house with real doors, windows and stairs! I played with that doll house for at least a good 10 years. What I learned more than 10 years later was that my Dad built it!
My Dad is one of a kind and spear headed the construction of our wedding venue business; in no way could anyone have built it better. There are a multitude of memories in which the impossible was made possible and everything was fixed right the first time! It wasn’t uncommon to find little smears of blood here and there on the worksite. He is always bleeding from somewhere.😅 He would say things like, “I just knocked a little bark off.” Or “I’ve had worse than that on my eye.” You would know that the injury was bad if he would take the time to stop the bleeding with some electrical tape.😳 This man fixes everything; he comes to your house and if the door doesn’t shut just right it will be fixed before he leaves with no request from you required. Did I mention that he always has an answer for everything and is usually always right? I never want to know a day that I can’t ask him for advice. Something that he always says and I find it to be more and more accurate all the time is that you will be lucky to be able to count the people on one hand that you can depend on; he is one of these few. I used to think that this was a terrible way to look at life but it’s not, it is just the way it is. That is why whenever I would find myself completely lost I would go to him. There was never any false hope or empty words in his advice, just the truth and that made it better. Nobody else did that. My dad, mom, my husband and I built this barn as a family; each person collaborated on every idea and made it what it is. Like the doll house, you can feel the love that was placed in every piece. The Barn’s Facebook
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